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Grammy Museum to open in Cleveland, MS Saturday

By Rose Eiklor

Cleveland, MS (WMC) -

The Grammy Museum Mississippi opens its doors in Cleveland on Saturday. It’s the second of its kind in the United States.

Since Mississippi is home to eight percent of all Grammy winners, the museum brings you front stage to some of the biggest Grammy moments of the years, including a large emphasis on those who have put Mississippi in the spotlight.

“I think the world already realizes what Mississippi has given to it. The Mississippi music table. It is incredible!" Emily Havens, executive director, said.

One room focuses entirely on the lives of those from the delta, giving you facts about where they are from and allowing you to listen to their music.

“Truly a cradle of American Music," Havens said.

There's many other rooms throughout the museum that bring you on a tour throughout the years. From the progression of guitars to the outfit Elvis wore, there is something for everyone.

One room even encourages you to get on stage and play loud to learn the instruments.

“He teaches a lot of iconic moves from Jackie Wilson, to James Brown, to Michael Jackson, and even some of his," Havens said.

The museum aims to teach and constantly change with the times. Museum employees said no matter your age, there is something for you to touch, dance on, sing in or just have fun learning about the history of the Grammys.

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