NY & C Pizza

Occasionally MODE Systems goes beyond audio-visual systems. In this case, we designed and built the entire restaurant, from leather booths to multiple flat-screen TVs.

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Greens Up! Throws Down on Main Street


A home-grown empire is currently making moves, expanding to new neighborhoods with a few new tricks up their sleeves thanks to MODE Systems. Greens Up!, the Westside's popular do-it-yourself and chef-conceived salad shop, opened a new store today on Main Street Santa Monica, featuring the same menu of greens, crunchies, and fruits that boosted it to trendy Montana from its original Sawtelle location. The small new shop is a stunner, with a clean cream interior and a large glass wall separating it from the street.

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Every day we introduce thousands of visitors to some of the world's most remarkable leaders. From Soul-music Superstars like Ray Charles and America's Traveling Troubadour, Woody Guthrie—to three US Presidents and counting. So the next time visitors say,

"TAKE US TO YOUR LEADER!"'ll know who to call.


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