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Adam Milstein

Owner of SOUTH, Powered by Vizio


MODE Systems’ Marc Headley shows Vizio VP Marketing Bart Brown & Vizio CEO William Wang
MODE’s programming of the Vizio VIA Tablet and how it controls the TV’s, Lights, Music and
Satellite programming of an entire sports bar.

"We have had the opportunity to first work with Marc Headley and MODE in 2008 for our first location, SOUTH. We had a specific idea of what we wanted. Marc and his team took that idea and brought it to an entire new level. The quality of the product they brought in, matched with their vision, and the efficiency of their team was amazing. It truly took our restaurant to a whole new level. Whenever there was need for upgrades/repair/etc. Marc was there in a flash of an eye.

"When we were ready to open our 2nd, and 3rd restaurants there wasn’t even a question. Marc took these locations (NY&C Pizza and The Garage) and put his stamp on them. There literally is nothing he can’t do, and he continues to impress us on every level.

"When SOUTH was approached by the industry giant VIZIO, they shared their vision of turning SOUTH into the first 3-D sports bar in the country. Marc was there with us from the beginning. He took the vision that both SOUTH and Vizio had and turned it into a national news story.

"Installation of the new facilities had to be excuted during off hours, between 2 am and 10 am for about a month. In that time not only did he install over 30 3-D Vizio televisions, but he also programmed tablets (which were thought to be undoable) to control virtually everything inside the building! He went on to developed manuals for staff, and served as my A/V point person in any and all decision with Vizio.

"It is unacceptable to say anything less: if you are considering an installation/project requiring professionalism, cutting edge, and a look that is not only clean, but eye-catching, there really is only one option. Marc Headley and MODE." — Adam Milstein, Owner of SOUTH, Powered by Vizio, NY&C Pizza and The Garage

CSI: The Experience


Children learn about the science and methodology of forensics in the CSI exhibit.

"Marc and I had the privilege of working together on "CSI: The Experience." Our team designed and created the media and worked closely with Marc to ensure a top notch exhibit. Thanks to Marc's AV hardware and installation knowledge and the media team, we were fortunate to win a TEA award for all of our combined efforts." — T.S.

 The Greens Up! Partners

Crisp, clean design at Greens Up!

"My partners and I are in the restaurant business. There are four of us — two New Yorkers, a Michigander and a Londoner so what we don’t know about Southern California business practices could fill a sizeable warehouse.

"When we first arrived in Los Angeles, keen to get our first restaurant open, we met, interviewed and eventually hired a number of different construction companies, designers and architects. After so many negative experiences we were honestly scratching our heads as to how so many things could go wrong with such regularity.

"Marc Headly of MODE Systems was recommended to us by another New Yorker who had used him before. He couldn’t have given a more glowing review and so we decided to meet with him.

"Upon meeting Marc we were instantly impressed. He certainly knew his business. He was also prompt, courteous and understanding. He possessed all the qualities one looks for when going into business. He’s honest, highly skilled and extremely hard working.

"Needless to say the work he carried out was stellar. The electrician he recommended was also excellent as was the architect he suggested. We were only too pleased to bring Marc and his entire team on board to oversee the construction of our second store and he will continue to be our go to guy for all future enterprises.

"If you are looking to get things done correctly and in a timely and efficient manner, look no further than Marc Headly and MODE."  — The Greens Up! Partners




Every day we introduce thousands of visitors to some of the world's most remarkable leaders. From Soul-music Superstars like Ray Charles and America's Traveling Troubadour, Woody Guthrie—to three US Presidents and counting. So the next time visitors say,

"TAKE US TO YOUR LEADER!"'ll know who to call.


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Great brains think alike! At least when it comes to AV systems integration. Of course that doesn't explain why Weird Al Yankovic also chose MODE Systems for his 500-seat 3D digital film theater — the centerpiece of "Al's Brain" Traveling Exhibit. Yeah, it's...


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We make AV systems talk to each other. We make them listen. We make then interactive. Okay, sometimes... mebbie it takes a little persuasion, yah? Don't worry. In the end, they will all talk, bellow and roar loud and clear to each other—buttons, motion sensors, computers, touch-screens, speakers, projectors, audio clips, videos, networks, tablets, smart phones... ve haf very, very effective vays, yah?

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