For over three decades MODE Systems staff have designed, produced and installed AV Systems in many areas. From digital post-production systems to high end museum interactive, we have a deep well to draw from in terms of AV disciplines.


MODE Systems has wide ranging experience from several AV disciplines. From digital post production to high end computer systems, MODE Systems combines this experience to design and install mission critical systems for museums and libraries. This experience in many areas of AV integration and industrial automation allow us to design custom solutions that are not generally used for the museum industry. Our work in museum interactive has won us two awards and countless accolades in this field. Our installations are profiled on the leading museum display manufacturer’s website and our museum systems have proved to be not only reliable, but stable and quality installations that can stand the test of time.


It is our philosophy that the equipment itself is not the most important aspect of an AV system. We feel the most important component is the end user and their experience. The end user should have no attention on the equipment but should be immersed in the experience. It is with this concept that we design all of our systems. If you have the right equipment items, the experience will be memorable for all the right reasons.

The systems we install are also specialized so as to require minimal maintenance and operational attention so that operators can concentrate on their patrons and not have to worry about the technical details of AV equipment. This particular approach sets us apart from most AV integration companies. From solid-state components to fully digital power on/off automation, our systems are fully custom designed and installed from the ground up for the exact purpose intended. Our bleeding edge approach to the design and integration of AV systems results in galleries that not only work but continue to work for the usually high traffic areas in constant use over years on a constant basis. In this way the facility team members can also concentrate on the users and their experience and not AV equipment.

Marc Headley, MODE Systems CEO


Over three decades Marc Headley, owner and founder of MODE, has designed and installed more than $50 million worth of audio visual systems all over the world. Marc has designed & installed systems on both sides of the pond in multiple countries.

From presidential exhibits and music icon memorial libraries to the world's first and largest 3D sports bar, Marc prides himself on bringing to the table a level of expertise, experience and service that is rarely topped.

In addition to designing & installing exciting audio visual systems, Marc is also a published author and recognized human rights activist. His writings and public speeches have been broadcast on the Internet, TV & print media all around the world. He lives in Colorado with his wife and three sons.