MODE Systems installs award-winning video-wall displays and exhibits of every size and configuration for museums, restaurants, retail and commercial installations. Video walls combine multiple screens tiled together to form one large screen. MODE Systems is fully certified with the latest cutting-edge technology to ensure dependable performance day-in and day-out with no picture degradation and little-to-no maintenance requirements. Moreover, our video walls are designed to educate and inform visitors in endless ways presenting concepts through art and factual information. Most exciting are our video walls that utilize touch-screen interactive displays to engage visitors in the most creative ways possible.

Baseball Hall of Fame Mobile Tour

MODE Systems designed and installed all of the AV exhibit systems for the "We Are Baseball" Hall of Fame Tour including a 30-foot video wall, five individual fifty-foot-long mobile units packed with 4K interactive touch screens, 4K video screens, and an 84 inch 4K interactive touch table.

trailer3 videowall

trailer3 videowall2


Grammy Mississippi

Several years in the making, the Grammy Museum in Cleveland is a tribute to Mississippi's musical heritage, a history that includes eight percent of all Grammy winners — more per capita than another state. The second of its kind in the United States, Mississippi's Grammy museum puts you in the spotlight during some of the biggest Grammy moments over the years. Visitors have the chance to learn dance moves from experts, try their hand at playing on stage with musical instruments, and more fun, all brought to life thanks to MODE Systems audio visual magic. State-of-the-art interactive exhibits connect visitors with all the elements of music making this facility is the most technologically-advanced music-themed museum in the South.

grammy mississippi1

grammy mississippi2

Woody Guthrie

MODE Systems designed more than 25 AV interactives, two large video walls, a classroom and a digital film theater for the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All of these systems were designed in conjunction with the exhibit designers, architect, contractor and fabricator. All systems were installed on time and ready for the facility’s grand opening and within the budget. The entire AV system is fully automated and can be fully controlled via a tablet. Many of the AV systems installed at this facility have been featured in publications and one of the systems won a “Best Interactive” award.

woody guthrie center interactive

woody guthrie video wall



Every day we introduce thousands of visitors to some of the world's most remarkable leaders. From Soul-music Superstars like Ray Charles and America's Traveling Troubadour, Woody Guthrie—to three US Presidents and counting. So the next time visitors say,

"TAKE US TO YOUR LEADER!"'ll know who to call.


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Great brains think alike! At least when it comes to AV systems integration. Of course that doesn't explain why Weird Al Yankovic also chose MODE Systems for his 500-seat 3D digital film theater — the centerpiece of "Al's Brain" Traveling Exhibit. Yeah, it's...


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