MODE Systems’ Marc Headley shows Vizio VP Marketing Bart Brown & Vizio CEO William Wang
MODE’s programming of the Vizio VIA Tablet and how it controls the TV’s, Lights, Music and
Satellite programming of the entire SOUTH Sports Bar.

MODE Systems AV Design Consulting will provide expert services for your project whether it is a retrofit of an existing space or a ground up build.

We have designed everything from traveling road show systems to extensive permanent museum installations. There is no project to big or small for our consultants.

Whether you need small touch screen interactive or an immersive theater, MODE Systems can design the systems that fit your project.

We calculate and provide all heat loads, power requirements, cable runs, conduit sizes and anything else your architects will need to fully account for construction. We will provide an equipment list, all specifications and an estimated budget so that you can get the AV systems you need based on your project budget.  

We are constantly testing and reviewing new equipment technology and using these for upcoming designs. Whether it be 4K resolutions or laser projection, we are ready to design bleeding edge AV technology systems for your projects.


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