The Hall of Fame Tour is a state-of-the-art traveling baseball experience that brings the best of baseball directly to the fans. Featuring artifacts such as the cap Jackie Robinson wore during the 1955 World Series and the baseball that Babe Ruth hit for his 714th home run, the collection combines Cooperstown's timeless charm with cutting-edge technology. Immerse yourself in the experience via five mobile exhibit galleries, each of which is teeming with nostalgic elements, iconic images and interactive experiences to put you in the game.

MODE Systems designed and installed all of the AV exhibit systems for the "We Are Baseball" Hall of Fame Tour. This consisted of five individual fifty-foot-long mobile units packed with 4K interactive touch screens, a 30-foot video wall, 4K video screens, and an 84 inch 4K interactive touch table.


bhof exterior drone shot

bhof outside fireworks

bhof outside fisheye trailers

In total, the Hall of Fame Tour includes 14 semi trailers — mobile galleries, a video courtyard with MLB scores and games, plus an IMAX theater.

bhof outside side view

Hall of Fame galleries showcase baseball memorabilia, video clips, displays, and game consoles.

bhof panorama trailer1

bhof panorama trailer2

Green-screen technology enables visitors to create photos of themselves in the midst of baseballs historic momments, and then share the fun via social media.

bhof panorama trailer3

bhof panorama trailer4

bhof panorama trailer5

The Baseball Hall of Fame Tour has been covered extensively in the media.


rack shot

trailer1 racktrailer3 rack


trailer1 clearscreen courage

trailer1 clearscreens

trailer1 overcoming adversity

trailer1 planars

Mode Systems installed the interactive touch-screen table that enables visitors to play against against friends, family, and other visitors.

trailer2 table In progress

Video screens tell the story of each baseball artifact before that artifact is revealed behind the screen.

trailer2 table

trailer3 rack progress

trailer3 videowall

trailer3 videowall2

Interactive touch screens and modern photography enables visitors to craft their own baseball story on a Hall of Fame replica plaque.

trailer4 plaques

trailer4 side1

Virtual reality puts fans on the field, in the dugout and clubhouse with some of baseball's brightest luminaries.

trailer5 vr testing

trailer5 vr

trailer3 selfietrailer4 rack



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Great brains think alike! At least when it comes to AV systems integration. Of course that doesn't explain why Weird Al Yankovic also chose MODE Systems for his 500-seat 3D digital film theater — the centerpiece of "Al's Brain" Traveling Exhibit. Yeah, it's...


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