• Retail Point of Sale Systems (Computer or Tablet based systems)
  • Retail Audio Systems (background or ambient music)
  • Retail Display Systems (menu’s, digital signage, touch POS ordering)
  • Video Wall Displays (authorized Planar video wall installer) See Mode System's company profile
  • Network/IT cable installations
  • Wireless/Cell/Broadband network installations
  • Sports Bar AV Systems


We provide detailed equipment lists and specifications to all project personnel representing all trades. This ensures that all areas are aware of what items are being installed in each area and any questions can be addressed and incorporated into the design and construction process. Once on site, MODE Systems will coordinate with both the construction trades as well as the fabrication and exhibit personnel. MODE Systems is able to work with the fabricator and their installers so that galleries are completed with their assembly or construction, we can install all of the needed AV items.

We understand that sometimes the construction process can have unforeseen delays or schedule changes and we are able to adjust our installation schedule and timeline to account for these. Our approach is that the project team and all of its members are working towards the same goal and that obstacles will present themsleves. Rather than finger pointing or arguing over who is responsible for creating obstacles, we believe constructive solutions are the most proactive approach to reaching the goal of a completed project.

We are of the mind that solution oriented task masters are key to getting a project done on schedule and within the budget.

We provide constant and continual coordination on required hardware specifications and installation details including bi-monthly meetings as needed with the software programmers to ensure that any AV equipment interactive developments are being tracked by all firms and to ensure that everyone is in sync for all AV exhibit galleries.

MODE Systems will regularly participate in teleconferences as well as any required on site meetings in addition to regular contact through email and phone as needed throughout the timeline of the project. Again, this is where MODE Systems will stand out as our primary project manager will be involved in all such communication to ensure all runs smoothly.






Great brains think alike! At least when it comes to AV systems integration. Of course that doesn't explain why Weird Al Yankovic also chose MODE Systems for his 500-seat 3D digital film theater — the centerpiece of "Al's Brain" Traveling Exhibit. Yeah, it's...


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