Woody Guthrie Interactive

GTOO Media


GTOO Media / Silver Spring, MD - USA

Title: "Woody's America: Interactive Map" - Visionary Winners

The Woody Guthrie Center's goal was to celebrate Woody's life and legacy and educate a new generation about his important role in American history. As visitors walk into the open gallery space they see a large colorful map wall emanating from a nine screen (3x3) Planar video wall. A set of wooden barn doors on the front face form the outline of the United States surrounding the monitor array. The multi-touch screens encourage visitor interaction as the vivid imagery of the attract screen transitions into an animated backdrop of Woody's artwork, featuring moving icons that travel across the map that visitors can reach for. Each icon opens to reveal images and text tidbits that relate to the geographic location and the thematic focus on American History, American Music, and Woody's songs documenting life in America.