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CLEVELAND, MS - Grammy Museum leaders are putting the finishing touches on exhibits, getting ready for this weekend's grand opening.

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Lucy Janoush, President of GRAMMY Museum Mississippi Board of Directors, says "It's been a long time coming. It's taken the effort of a lot people."

The new Grammy Museum in Cleveland has been years in the making. And people from around the world, nation, and state have put in lots of time, effort, and money to make the dream of this museum a reality.

"I'm proud of Cleveland and Bolivar county because they came together with the volunteer spirit that I've seen them do so many times before and really got this project going and made it happen." said Lucy Janoush.

The Grammy Museum pays tribute to Mississippi's musical heritage, which is a rich as the Delta dirt.

"This museum will show the world what Mississippi has given to the world with country and pop and blues and gospel and rock and roll. And for so many people it will change their lives to be able to recognize what we have and the history of these musicians." said Emily Havens, Executive Director of GRAMMY Museum Mississippi.

The museum charts the river of inspiration that connects musicians from the Beatles to Beyonce. 
Visitors get a hands on experience, allowing them to listen to, create, and feel the music that's inspired generations.
Mississippi music legends like B.B King, Faith Hill, and Elvis Presley are showcased throughout the building. 
But there's more to the museum than just entertainment.

"We're an education institution and so what we think is going to really change this area is the amount of education that we can provide here in the museum for our students. " said Emily Havens

Overall, Museum leaders hope that it will honor music legends, inspire future artists, and unite the community through a love of music.

"Music's the language we all speak. No matter who we are or what we do." said Lucy Janoush.

The museum's grand opening ceremony will be Saturday at 10 a.m.
 Saturday evening, a benefit concert will be held at Delta State University's Bologna Performing Arts Center, which will be headlined by eight-time CMA musician of the year recipient Mac McAnally and multiple Grammy award nominees The Williams brothers.