Occasionally MODE Systems goes beyond audio-visual systems. In this case, we designed and built the entire restaurant, from leather booths to multiple flat-screen TVs.

NY and C pits New York style thin-crust pizza against deep dish Chicago-style pizza and lets the battle rage until 4 am every night.

Tables on the left are covered with old copies of the New York Times; the walls, with Broadway playbills and Yankee jerseys. Tables on the right sport old-school Chicago news with Sox and Cubs jerseys above.

The menus are likewise divided. A slice of thin-crust NYC is three bucks and specialty styles are named for Big Apple landmarks —The Empire State is piled with sausage, pepperoni, meatballs, salami and extra cheese. A deep-dish Chicago pie goes for $20; The Windy City includes sausage, pepperoni, salami, sliced beef and mushrooms.

At the back is a bar bringing both sides with peace-making beer and wine.

The New York side of the restaurant (above).
The Chicago side of the restaurant.