Lynyrd Skynyrd said the South was going to do it again and now they have — in SoCal. MODE Systems recently completed installation of a fully customized automated system for SOUTH.

It features has a large bar area along with 2 private rooms that are equipped with the latest bleeding edge technology in displays and sound systems. The system combines technical sophistication with a simple clean look that does everything needed. We’re talking about a DJ booth that can feed any variety of DVDs and digital video feeds, 20 plus HD satellite receivers feeding signals to any one of 30 large flat screens, bass thumping sound fed throughout and all of it controlled by one simple remote. This environment has proven to be an major factor in the success that South has had since it’s recent opening.

MODE Systems, Inc. of Castle Rock, Colo. installed TVs both inside and outside of the South bar as well as updated and expanded the DJ booth with an iTunes computer, hooking up 20 DirecTV satellite receivers, six 3D DVD players and PS3 video game consoles.